Human existence continues to become ever-more costly, pressured and complex.

No-matter what challenges, some people and situations are able to thrive.

For the vast majority, sustaining viability is a far greater challenge – at best.

For a escalating minority, mere subsistence is becoming an entrenched norm.

Vast numbers also exist in far worse situations that, ultimately, are not sustainable.

Ubiquitous levels of ‘multiple-taxation’ drains viability, often only to sustain the not-viable.

At all levels however, Life-related issues abound, usually undermining Wellbeing.

As a shortcoming of ‘Convention’, wholly-adequate resources are seldom forthcoming.

From top-down Leadership, too little is likely to change for viable overall sustainability.

From ‘grassroots’ upward, numerous vast changes and improvements remain essential.

In development is a unique ‘Human Adequacy’ initiative that promises huge advances.

‘Anyone can contribute, and everyone can benefit’ – at all levels of existence.

This includes earning potentials for individuals and most types of organisations.