Sustaining Viability

Human existence tends to become ever-more costly, pressured and complex.

No-matter what challenges, some people are able to thrive.

For the majority, genuine viability is a relentless challenge.

For vast numbers, mere subsistence is the norm.

Enumerous also exist in situations that are simply unsustainable.

Seldom is the available assistance adequate at any level.

Ubiquitous taxation often undermines viability merely to sustain the not-viable.

More often, it is spent unwisely at a direct cost to viable Life.

Too often, Life-related issues thereby abound unresolved.

Invariably they undermine genuine Wellbeing and so also Sustainability.

As a shortcoming of Leadership, wholly-adequate resources are seldom available.

This applies from an individual level through to globally.

From top-down Leadership, enough changes remain unlikely for overall sustainability.

From ‘grassroots’ upward, numerous improvements thereby remain overdue.

The outcome is an escalating threat to the viability of the human population.

In turn, Man threatens the overall ongoing viability of the planet.

In development is a unique initiative that promises exponential reversals.

Exceptionally, ‘Anyone could contribute, and everyone would benefit’.

This includes earning potentials for individuals and most types of organisations.

Needed are the resources to finesse development to Launch stage.